Why we are grateful

Let us count the ways

Migrating ducks at Rush Ranch, by Karlyn H. Lewis

Every day is a good day for gratitude, and this time of year is a good reminder of that. Here are reasons why Solano Land Trust staff are grateful:

  1. Solano County. Its mix of landscape, character, culture, and people. 
  2. Wind, rain, and sunshine. Nature nurtures us and makes our hearts happy! 
  3. The seasons, including winter when a blanket of greenery covers California landscapes. 
  4. Migrating hawks and eagles that return to our ranches every fall. They are beacons to healthy environments. 
  5. Working with talented and spirited people to ensure that we leave special places for our kids and grandkids. 

More reasons we are grateful...

What’s on your gratitude list? Let us know!

Outdoor Adventures

  • Saturday, December 3:
    Volunteer Opportunity: Planting at Rush Ranch
    RSVP to Sue

    Where the Wild Things Are Hike at the King-Swett Ranches
    Pre-register here

    Friday, December 9:
    Volunteer Opportunity: Citizen Science Friday: Planting at Lynch Canyon
    RSVP to Sue

    Saturday, December 10:
    Volunteer Opportunity: Trail Crew at Lynch Canyon
    Pre-register here

    Saturday, December 17:
    Blacksmithing & More as part of Get the Rush! at Rush Ranch

    Sunday, December 18:
    Eagles, Hawks & Other Birds of Prey Hike at Lynch Canyon
    Pre-register here

  • Click here to see details & more events

Please Note

  • Lynch Canyon may be closed on short notice due to extreme weather. Check solanocounty.com/parks for closure announcements, or call 530-795-2990 to speak with a Park Ranger.

Lynch Canyon Soundscapes - with Mare Island Technology Students

Video by Steve Dunsky

Lynch Canyon Soundscapes from Steve Dunsky on Vimeo.