Current Employment Opportunities at Solano Land Trust


Position:                      Project Manager, Stewardship

Supervisor:                  Executive Director               

Employment Type:      Full Time exempt position

Compensation:            Competitive salary based on skills and experience

Hours:                         8 am to 5 pm with some flexibility; some weekends and evenings with the opportunity to telecommute one day per week with prior coordination




The Project Manager, Stewardship (PMS) coordinates and oversees the work of staff, contractors and external partners to manage, protect, enhance and restore the conservation, agricultural and recreational values of SLT lands. The PMS supports both program and external development initiatives to ensure that priorities align with organizational goals and resources. This position implements and directs natural resource management, research, and restoration and solicits and administers major grants and mitigation projects. In addition, the PMS develops goals and strategies for the protection and preservation of SLT lands and resources. The PMS primarily focuses on the Greater Jepson Prairie Ecosystem and Rush Ranch Open Space, but coordinates with staff on other programmatic projects, as well.

Specific Responsibilities


The Project Manager, Stewardship is accountable for delivering the following results:

  1. Stewardship priorities and outcomes are aligned with organizational goals and policies.
  2. Programs and projects are managed according to local, state and federal laws and SLT’s contractual requirements; comply with LTA and SLT standards; and protect conservation values.
  3. Plans and procedures incorporate current and best available science and practices, reflect multiple stakeholder priorities and enhance and protect natural habitats and species while balancing agricultural uses and recreation.
  4. Efficient and effective project management including planning, contract and budget management, fundraising (grants, contracts, donors), work plan development, clear communication, conflict resolution and partner relationship management.
  5. Accurate and timely Board and Committee deliverables, including reports and communications with the Project Committee and the Board as needed.


Detailed Responsibilities


Natural Resource Management


  1. Lead program-wide initiatives such as:
    1. Collaborate with other staff to develop organizational monitoring program that meets contractual requirements and prioritizes activities based on staffing and financial constraints.
    2. Oversee grazing program review, market analysis and development of a grazing advisory group to advise SLT on best practices for grazing program management.

  2. Lead property management of Rush Ranch, Jepson Prairie and Wilcox Ranch
    1. Plan and prioritize land management activities and evaluate resourcing and staffing needs and constraints.
    2. Assess program outcomes, refine program goals and ensure deliverables.

                                                              i.      Make effective use of resources through project/budget control and oversight and project/plan/program evaluation.

                                                            ii.      Track management outcomes and produce reports and presentations to communicate with other staff and SLT Board.

    1. Identify and solicit opportunities for external funding for priority projects including endowments, payments for ecosystem services, and mitigation opportunities.
    2. Maintain and grow strategic partnerships:

                                                              i.      Work collaboratively with core partners to ensure relationships provide value to SLT and the partners.

                                                            ii.      Identify partnership opportunities for funding and collaboration; and coordinate strategic partnerships and programs.

                                                          iii.      Oversee and coordinate science and research activities, science partnerships, and data analysis and science communication to support management priorities.

                                                          iv.      Manage partner use agreements

    1. Develop and implement management plans and actions on SLT properties:

                                                              i.      Prepare and/or update annual adaptive management plans, invasive species plans, grazing plans and property management plans.

1.      Facilitate plan review and provide technical oversight for resource and capital planning projects.

2.      Recommend alternative actions to leadership team(s), committees and if applicable, to the SLT Board.

                                                            ii.      Coordinate management actions with agencies and other stakeholders such as NGOs and local resource conservation districts, and other land trusts as needed.

                                                          iii.      Negotiate and implement agreements, such as renewed grazing licenses, mitigation, habitat enhancement and other similar agreements.

                                                          iv.      Develop and oversee monitoring plans, procedures and reporting requirements to support natural resource protection and enhancement activities.

1.      Conduct, plan and supervise rangeland, habitat enhancements and other monitoring activities as needed.

                                                            v.      Administer contracts and carry out work on grants received, as assigned, including managing budgets preparing reports, invoices, memos, and other documents, as required.

                                                          vi.      Recruit, hire and supervise, staff, consultants, interns and volunteers to conduct scientific research as needed

                                                        vii.      Work with staff to ensure safe and accessible public access of SLT lands enforce rules.

    1. Develop and carry out restoration and conservation projects:

                                                              i.      Prepare restoration plans, designs and budgets.

                                                            ii.      Manage regulatory compliance, resource agency permitting and contractual obligations related mitigation and natural resource management.

                                                          iii.      Coordinate data collection and analysis for ecological restoration; and ensure project goals are clearly articulated and achieved.


Program Support/Transactions/Outreach/Organizational Development


1.      Identify, write and execute grants to support priority projects in coordination with staff and partners.

2.      Support programmatic planning and conservation initiatives, e.g. SNAP, ACE.

3.      Lead data analysis & visualization efforts, GIS integration and database development.

4.      Provide ancillary support for CE and transactions team(s) including GIS, project analysis and reporting.

5.      Represent SLT at meetings and conferences.

6.      Support fundraising staff by helping identify and cultivate major donors and attending fundraising events.


SLT’s Culture


Every team member at SLT is considered a leader who embraces the role they have been assigned and encourages colleagues to be their best through effective communication, collaboration and shared values. As a small organization, we are self-starters and are flexible to the ever-changing circumstances. We operate from a place of integrity, trust, and personal responsibility with the goal of representing SLT in a positive way. We have mutual respect for one another and use discretion in all business dealings and communication.


Position Requirements 


Minimum Education, Skills, Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Ecology, Biology, Environmental Science or similar field plus 3 years experience.  Prefer Master’s Degree in related field with 5 years experience.
  • Experience preparing and managing budgets and managing complex projects
  • Strong computer skills
  • Public speaking skills
  • Understanding of concepts related to ecosystem restoration and management
  • Dedication to land preservation and management


Desired Skills

  • Experience using GIS and GPS
  • Experience and knowledge of the habitats and species within Solano County
  • Experience interpreting scientific data
  • Experience working with agencies and conservation organizations
  • Experience working with private landowners




SLT provides a portion of the employee’s health, dental, and vision insurance, matches up to 3% of employee’s contribution toward their 403.b retirement account, and provides eleven paid holidays and two weeks of vacation per year.