the campaign for Rockville trails

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Our work is not yet done—we need your help to raise the remaining $1 million needed to repay the $250,000 bridge loan and finish building an endowment fund. We will also be working on a management plan that will guide us as we care for the natural resources, manage grazing, and provide public access on the property. Gift recognition opportunities will continue through 2013. 

Gateway to Solano's Western Hills

Rockville Trails epitomizes the beauty, rural character and quiet splendor that is Solano County.

Filled with stands of blue and live oaks, temporal vernal pools, wildflowers and wildlife, Rockville Trails' 1,500 acres provides a connection to our past and a vision for our future.

As you explore this land, it is easy to imagine a time when Patwin Indians walked the oak forests and stood on the highest mesa to look out over the valleys below. The forests, rugged hills and high ridges that they saw hundreds of years ago are largely unchanged. Once Rockville Trails is protected, you will be part of a new generation of visitors that can explore this land on miles of hiking, biking and equestrian trails. This new natural park will be the gateway for visitors from the local community, the Bay Area and the Central Valley into the western hills of Solano County and beyond.

Rockville Trails is the largest community conservation campaign ever undertaken by Solano Land Trust and our first opportunity to protect this special place. 

It's rare that a property of this size with rich plant and animal life, recreational potential and scenic beauty is available to purchase and protect. We must seize this opportunity while we can.

This new natural park will be your legacy. Please contribute today. [Click here for the DONATION/PLEDGE FORM]

Gift Recognition Opportunities

Thank you for considering a gift to The Campaign for Rockville Trails. Special naming opportunities exist for gifts of $5,000 or more:

  • Property Name: A gift of $1,000,000 will provide the opportunity to name the natural park, and will be reflected on all maps and Solano Land Trust publications and materials.
  • Named Endowment Fund: The endowment fund will provide  the capital needed to restore a nd manage a park that will allow for flexible and optimum public use today and into the future. A gift of $500,000 will name the fund and will be acknowledged in all information and materials regarding Rockville Trails.
  • Knoll: The highest point of the property offers panoramic views of Green and Suisun Valleys, Mt. Diablo and the Delta, providing the donor who contributes $250,000 the opportunity to name the Knoll as his or her "point of view."
  • Mesa: This dramatic table rock has a serene meadow on top and boasts unique views as far as the eye can see. A gift of $200,000 will name this special place.
  • Bay Area Ridge Trail: Six miles of the Bay Area Ridge Trail will be built on the property. This section of the Ridge Trail may be named for $150,000.
  • Children's Interpretive Loop: Solano Land Trust will build a one mile, easy to walk loop trail with interactive displays designed to teach kids about the oaks, grasslands and creatures that live on the property. This loop provides a naming opportunity of $100,000.
  • SOLD - Parking Lot and Staging Area: The parking lot and staging area will contain the donor recognition area and an interpretive kiosk displaying information and maps. This area can be named for $75,000.
  • Picnic Tables and Benches: Ten picnic tables and ten benches will be located in the staging area and throughout the park. Each picnic table and bench may be named for $5,000 for a period of ten years.
  • Donors who contribute $500 or more will be acknowledged at the donor recognition area which will be located near the parking lot at the entrance of the property.
  • All donors will be acknowledged in Solano Land Trust's donor edition of the Vistas newsletter.

How to Give to the Campaign

There are many ways that you can contribute to The Campaign for Rockville Trails:

  • Gifts of Cash: A gift of cash is tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.
  • Gifts of Appreciated Assets: Any appreciated asset, such as stocks or land, qualifies for a tax deduction and may be exempt from capital gains tax.
  • Gifts of Land: Gifts of land may be donated to Solano Land Trust and may be either strategic conservation lands that will be preserved or property that can be sold or traded so that the proceeds can help save Rockville Trails. Land gifts are considered appreciated assets and qualify for both state and federal tax deductions and are exempt from capital gains tax. Please call Solano Land Trust prior to considering a gift of land.
  • Bequests, Charitable Remainder Unitrusts and other Planned Gifts: Planned gifts given to the campaign will be placed in the property's endowment fund and will provide for the long-term management and care of Rockville Trails.
For more information, contact Deanna Mott, Associate Director,, 707-432-0150 ext. 205.

Why Save Rockville Trails?

You get a sense of Rockville Trails' unique and special qualities when you walk its hills and discover one of its heritage oaks, trees that have endured for more than 800 years.

When you hike to the highest point, you gain a panoramic view of Mount Diablo and Suisun Marsh to the south, Suisun Valley and the Sacramento Delta to the east, Green Valley to the west and the rugged western hills of Solano County to the north. This 360-degree view is a rare opportunity to take in the rich agricultural lands, marshes, delta and coastal mountain range that make Solano County unique.

Trails and Access

Rockville Trails is an important puzzle piece in building a trail system that will link Solano and Napa Counties and will add six miles to the Bay Area Ridge Trail. This trail system will be widely accessible to the local community—walking distance from southeast Fairfield and just 45 minutes from San Francisco and Sacramento.

Important Ecosystems and Endangered Species

A preserved Rockville Trails will benefit the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento Delta by protecting important watershed lands that drain into Suisun Marsh, including seasonal streams which feed creeks that host endangered steelhead trout. The property features blue oak woodlands with over five species of oaks—important diversity for reducing the impact of sudden oak death—and the threatened valley elderberry longhorn beetle and other special-status species. Additionally, Solano Land Trust will restore and enhance sensitive habitat on the property as part of its commitment to stewardship of the land.

Blue Ridge Berryessa Natural Area

A protected Rockville Trails is a key entry point into a rare and special regions called the Blue Ridge Berryessa Natural Area (BRBNA)—800,000 acres that stretch form Hwy 12 in Solano County to north of Clear Lake in Lake County. The region is a mix of private and public lands that have seen relatively little change over time due to minimal development and population. The BRBNA is valued for its abundant nature-based recreational opportunities, intact wildlife corridors and rich biodiversity.

Wildlife Corridors

Rockville Trails provides important connections between the expansive corridors in the BRBNA and Rockville Hills Park and Suisun and Green Valleys. Protecting Rockville Trails ensures that these links will continue to provide contiguous areas for animal migration, foraging and long-term survival.

Campaign Committee

Darrin Berardi—Berardi Chiropractic Clinic

Tony Craig—Real Estate Development/Broker

Jim Dunbar—Potrero Hills Landfill

Marilyn Farley—Retired, Solano Land Trust

Michael Fortney—Placer Title Company

Elizabeth Fry—Showcase Properties

Dilenna Harris—Solano County Library Foundation & Vacaville City Council

Kathy Hoffman—Former Vallejo City Council Member

Judi Honeychurch—Retired Educator

Brendan Kelly—Green Valley Agricultural Conservancy

Ron Lanza—Wooden Valley Winery

Al Lavezzo—Favaro, Lavezzo, Gill, Caretti & Heppel, PC

Joe Martinez—Solano County Farm Bureau

Bill Mayben—Green Valley Landowners Association

Michael Muir—Access Adventure

Carole Paterson—Retired, UC Extension

Al Plutchok—Retired, Physician

Sean Quinn—City of Fairfield

Jon Riley—Napa & Solano Counties Central Labor Council

Linda Seifert—Solano County Board of Supervisors

Jim Spering—Solano County Board of Supervisors

Scott Thomas—Syar Industries